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1. Service Employees International Union is discussing the conditions for workers in MNJ Inc. MNJ workers make an average of $0.25 per customer in tips. The workers also make a base salary of $20 per day regardless of how many customers they help. Write the equation that describes the relationship of MNJ workers’ daily pay (Y) and the number of customers they serve (X) in one day.

2. y= 4x-6 What is the intercept and slope of this function? 

3. What is the equation of this graph?  (Vertical line represents Y and horizontal line represents X)    

4. The demand function for gasoline in the United States in 2015 can be described by q= 6-p/2.  If price is $4, how many units will be demanded?  If the supply function for gasoline is described by q=1+2p, what is the market price in the US in 2015? 

5. Recall that the demand function for gasoline in the US in 2015 can be described by q= 6-p/2. Which equation allows me find the price of gasoline given the demand?

6. You regress the acreage of farmland in Afghanistan against the number of poppy plants


  poppy  |      Coef.   Std. Err.      t      P>|t|     [95% Conf. Interval]


  acreage |   .786       1.803     0.44   0.664    -2.81   4.38

       _cons |  10.713      .220    66.83  0.000   10.28  11.14


Which of the following is true according to this regression?

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