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1. This graph shows the relationship between the numbers of policemen (x) and crimes committed per hour in Rio de Janeiro (y). What is the equation of this graph? 

2. A rating system being proposed to measure the financial health of a nonprofit has a total of 20 questions worth 100 points.  The questionnaire consists of two parts: Yes/No questions worth 3 points each, and longer questions worth 11 points each.  How many longer questions are on the rating system? 

3. The benefit of a military training program is:  Y= -0.5X2+7X+4, where X is the duration of the program in months. What is the optimum length of the program?

4. Look at cars.csv. What is the mean travel time? (Round to one decimal place. You can use whatever software you want to figure this out: excel or STATA).   

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